Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Episode 1, Season 1

  Note: This is an story I wrote a long time ago, and have just gotten around to moving it to a blog.  It's meant to be a fun 'simified' version of Survivor.  Please excuse the bad picture quality and sim dialogue bubbles.  As I said, I wrote this a long time ago, so I was definitely a novice at picture-taking.  Enjoy :)


     Seven Sims are entered in the famous survivor game where just one will be the recipient of 1 million simoleans.  In order for a sim to receive the simoleans, he or she must be competitive in challenges, make alliances, and stay on everyone's good side.  Which of these survivors will snatch the prize?

     Will it be Cindy Lu, the young, good natured Japanese dancer?  Or will her dare-devilness get her a ticket out of the game if it goes too far?

     Will it be Kathy Jennings, the middle aged business lady who came in the totally wrong clothes and the totally wrong attitude?

     Will it be little March Bell, the student, the cute little do-gooder, the innocent one of the tribe?  Or will the other tribe members vote her out because she seems like a little girl instead of a strong woman?

     Will it be Johnny Vetmo, the fat member of the tribe?  Will his mental smarts surprise everyone, or will he be first gone due to his unathleticism?

     Will it be Jackie Dean, the meansprited middle aged woman?  Or will everyone get tired of the meanie?

     Will it be Mike Williams, the African American construction worker?  Or will he be voted out because he works too hard?

     And last, but not least, will it be Will Dosk, the insane party animal?  Will his own insanity drive the others mad?  Or will his athleticism save him from being voted out?

     For these survivors, it will be a great adventure, no matter who gets the grand prize.  Your host is the famous Jeff.
Jeff: Come on in guys!

Jeff: Congratulations everyone!  You have been chosen to participate in the test of your mental, physical, and emotional strengths.  The prize for the person who can excell in everything will be 1 million simoleans.  Worth playing for?
Everyone: Yeah!

Jeff: I suggest you guys head to camp and start making yourselves at home.  Don't forget to socialize with your tribe members.  It would be good for you to make new friends.  I'll see you in a few days for your first challenge.  Remember, the sim who wins the challenge will be granted an Immunity Idol, which will keep the sim safe from being voted out at Tribal Council, where one sim must always be voted out and loses a chance at the 1 million simoleans.  Good luck at camp!  Any questions?

Jeff: Good.  I'll see you again in a few days.
     As Jeff walked away, the survivors began to get to know each other.

Jackie Dean:  Oh, wow.  Looks like we got a business woman.  Nice heels.  Those'll help you win the simoleans.
Kathy Jennings: Like I care about your opinion.  At least I look professional.
Jackie:  That doesn't matter.  You aren't supposed to look professional.

Will Dosk:  Peekaboo!  Hey, I'm talking to ya!  Peekaboo!  Turn around.
Mike Williams:  I'm so out of here.  As in, I'm going to camp.  Bye.

Kathy:  If I have anything to say about it, your outfit looks trashy.
Jackie:  At least I'm prepared for the weather conditions.  What were you thinking?  What will you do when it rains?
Kathy: Rains?  What do you mean?

March Bell: So are you ready to set up at camp?  I'm a little bored here.
Johnny Vetmo: Sure.  By the way, I like your outfit. 
March: Thanks, Johnny! 

Kathy: You just don't stop, do you?
Jackie:  Why should I?  I can't wait to see you voted off.
Kathy:  Vice Versa.
Jackie: I can't believe you don't even know the rules of the game.  I hope you ruin your suit today! Ha! That will be so funny.
Kathy:  I can't believe I've met someone like you.  I didn't even know people as mean as you exhisted.
Jackie:  Good one.  I can't believe people as dumb-witted as you exhist.

     Meanwhile, Cindy Lu was exploring the camp site. 
Cindy: Hey, this is great!  We can cut down trees to use them for wood for fire!  Wow, I'm going to get started right aways with this!  Maybe my tribe will see that I work hard!

Johnny: So far in this game, I feel pretty good.  I mean, I know it has only been a few hours, but I've already made an alliance with March, and we've become friends already.  I know when it comes time for the challenges, I might not be very good since I weigh much more than my tribe does.  I am pretty good at puzzles, so if we get that type of challenge I'd feel pretty good at my chances for winning.  Of course, if March needed help, I'd help her too.

Kathy: I could just slap you!
Jackie: Don't touch me.  Don't even think about it.
Kathy: That's it.  I'm going to camp!

Kathy: Oh, gross.  It's all... sandy!  This will ruin my shoes in just a few hours!  My suit doesn't have much of a chance either!  Why did I join the game!

Will: Oh gosh, did Cindy really do all of this in an hour?  Man, that girl is strong!

Cindy: Gee, a little help here, Will?  I'm not really sure how to start a fire.
Will: I have to ask myself important questions about life.  First I have to find my inner self.
Cindy: Thanks, Will...

Cindy:  Yes!  I did it!  Hey, everyone!  We've got fire.  Now we can cook fish and yucky insects.  Ick.

Cindy: No one said I couldn't play with fire...  I've got to practice how close I can get to the flame without it burning me.  It's hard.  Maybe I can impress the rest of the tribe.

Mike: For right now, I feel like Cindy is a real threat because she works hard.  I know that I also work really hard, too.  It's sort of a competitive feeling.  I'm thinking that if I can make an alliance with her it could be worth it.  We both work hard.  We can do it together.  I understand how important the alliances are to make early.  It's still early in the game, so I'm going to try soon.

While Mike was eating some beans he cooked over the fire, Cindy was still playing "dangerous".
Mike: We should call you "Cindered Cindy" since you are always playing with the fire.  You've been at it for an hour!
Cindy: Ha! Well, I'm a daredevil, that's for sure!

After a bit of small talk, Cindy and Mike began roasting grub over the fire.
Cindy: How does it taste?
Mike: Not too terrible, but I still don't like bugs.
Cindy: I don't know if I can bring myself to do it!
Mike: It tastes a little like burnt chicken...

March: My favorite quote is, "To be, or not to be, that is the question".  It's actually famous. What's yours?
Johnny:  "I'll see it when I believe it."  I like it because seeing isn't everything.
March: Wow, that is an awesome quote.  I agree.  Sometimes your gut feeling is more truthful than your eyes.
Johnny: I was thinking we should fish before dinner.  That way, if we catch anything, we can eat it for dinner.
March: Do we have any fishing supplies? 
Johnny: I'm pretty sure!
March: By all means, let's do it!

Will:  So far, I'm not too happy about where I am in the game.  I mean, I've got no alliances yet.  I can't even find my inner self.  I really want some cheetos right now...

March: Yeah, Johnny and I are really good friends.  It's like we just click.  Even not from a survivor standpoint, we would be good friends in the real world.  We just connect well, and I think we're like the underdogs of the tribe.  I mean, everyone seems to think I'm unimportant because I'm like a little kid, and Johnny isn't important to them because he's overweight.  Unfortunately for Johnny, I don't know how well he is going to do in the challenges.  I hope he can stay in the game with me for as long as possible.  He's all I got right now.

Johnny:  March tried to catch fish, but she is a terrible fisher.  She stayed and watched me for a while, then went back to camp. 
     Johnny pulls on his fishing pole.  He feels a jerk.
Johnny: Hey, YEAH!  An anchovy!  This'll make a good dinner!

Kathy: For me, it's been a tough day.  I've been humiliated.  I've been disgusted.  My shoes are ruined, and I smell like salt from the ocean.  These people are crazy here.  My goodness, that Jackie is... is... well, nevermind.  I don't like her at all...  And why is there a fat guy here?  If you ask me, he should be the first voted out.  And that Cindy keeps sticking her hand in the fire.  EVEN after she has burned herself.  What a bunch of wackos...

Jackie: Why are you playing with fire? Huh?  My sister died in a FIRE! DO YOU HEAR ME?  So, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL WHEN I SEE YOU "PLAYING WITH IT" WHEN MY SISTER DIED IN IT?
Cindy: But-
Jackie: And if you keep it up, you WILL be "CINDERED CINDY"!
     Jackie stalks away.

Jackie *sobbing*These are the most ignorant people I've ever met. I mean, why would you play with the fire?  When my sister died, the fire burned her to ashes.  And here's this dumb girl PLAYING with it...  And that Kathy is so stupid.  Why would you wear nice clothes?  She should be voted off first, or that Cindy girl.  What a bunch of .... I don't even know.

Will: Oh my gosh!  Dude! My food's on fire!  Help!
Johnny: Just air it out.  Blow on it!

Will: Ew, man!  This is gross.  My pillow tastes better than this!

Cindy:  Some of the people here really need to chill out.  I think everyone knows I meant Jackie.  Come on.  I was being careful! ...kind of... but she can't tell me what to do.  I mean, it wasn't my fault her sister died in a fire.

     Early the next morning, the survivors were getting ready for breakfast.  Johnny decided to try out his anchovy.

     Johnny cooked it perfectly, and tried it out.

Johnny:  Mmm, that's delicious.
     However, some sims were a bit jealous of Johnny's special meal.
Will:  Hey, man, are there any of those for us?
Johnny:  I only got a chance to catch this one.  I can catch some more this afternoon.
Will:  Man, it's about the tribe.  Not just you.
Johnny:  I'm sorry, okay?  It just took me a really long time to catch this one. 
Will: And you thought you could have it all.
Johnny:  Well, sorry for saying this, but what did you do last night?  Laughing and joking with everyone else?  What work did you do?

Will:  Don't you think that Johnny is a bit selfish?  HAHA! Sel-fish!  Oh, wow, that was good!
Cindy: Well, I think he did have a point.  I mean, you really didn't do anything that productive yesterday.
Will: Well, you didn't do anything that productive yesterday!
Cindy: Are you kidding?  I MADE the fire, and I chopped up the wood!
     Cindy walks away, angering Will even more.

Kathy:  This is so gross.  I don't think I can eat it.  And everyone smells today.

Kathy: Aw, yuck!  I think I'm going to be sick.

Kathy: Oh, gosh, I think I'm going to throw up! Umpfh!

    Soon after throwing up, Kathy passed out on the sand.

March:  I feel really bad for Kathy.  She doesn't even like being outside.  I know she's been having a really hard time adjusting.  She passed out and we had to give her some water to revive her.  She was shocked when she woke up that she was laying on the sand.  She yelled at us and said next time she wants us to put her on a chair.  We were only trying to help.

Cindy: I can't wait for our next challenge.  Mike and I have made an alliance and I feel like we will be a good secret team.  However, I know Kathy isn't.  She and Will seem to be friendly toward each other, and I know they are complaining about the unfairness of Survivor!

While the tribe was gathered around the fire:
Johnny: Did you know that-
Jackie: Can it with the facts, Johnny.  I've had enough.  And you, Cindy.  STOP PLAYING WITH THE FIRE.
Cindy: Fine.  But I'm not always going to listen to you, you know.
    Cindy and Jackie leave.  Johnny leaves, too.
Will: This sucks.  The game isn't even fair.
Kathy: You have no idea how much I agree with you.  We deserve to play in a nice hotel, not out on the beach.
Will: Yeah, man.  Well, maybe not in a hotel, but they should make people split up food evenly all the time.
Kathy: And no burnt food.

Johnny:  I think that I'm going to be voting out either Kathy or Jackie at Tribal Council.  I mean, I'm getting pretty tired of Kathy's attitude toward Survivor, and Jackie bossing everyone around.  It is not helping the tribe.  So far, this is what I'm thinking, although, I know that I need to talk to March about it first.


Jeff: Come on in, guys!  It's good to see you again.  How's everything going at camp?
Everyone: Good.

Jeff: For today's challenge, each survivor will sit on a beach chair for as long as possible-in the blazing hot sun with cool drinks tempting you to get up and grab one.  Once you get up, you're out.  The last remaining survivor on a chair wins this immunity idol!  Worth playing for?
Everyone: Yeah!

     Once the survivors were all on their chairs, it started.

     At first, each sim thought the challenge was a push over.  After all, they weren't really 'doing' anything.

Will (thinking): This is so easy, but those cold drinks look SOOO good, dude.

Mike (thinking): This is my chance to show everyone what I got!

Cindy (thinking): I'm really going to show that Jackie who's boss when it comes to this!

March (thinking): As long as Johnny and I can do well in this, then we really have a chance to go far in this game!

Johnny (thinking): I know that this will be a good challenge for me since it's not much of a physical challenge.

Jackie (thinking): This challenge will be a pushover.  Once I have the Immunity Idol, then I can vote out anyone!

Kathy (thinking):  Well, this is going to be bad.  My suit will make me get hot really quickly.  I'll try to fall asleep instead of looking at the drinks!

     Each sim was eying the drinks.  Each sim was boiling in the sun.  It was harder than they'd thought!
Jeff: Now it's getting tough.  Jackie looks like she's having a tough time!

     Jackie sends a glare toward Jeff.

    Suddenly, Jackie can't take it any longer.  She starts to get up.
Jeff: Jackie loses it!

Jeff: March and Cindy get up! They're out of the challenge.  Now, it's Kathy, Johnny, Will, and Mike.

Jeff: Who's going to give in to the heat? Kathy looks like it's getting hard!

Jeff: Kathy gets up.  She's out of the challenge!

Jeff: Johnny's getting up! He's out.

Jeff: Uh, oh!  Looks like it's down to Mike and Will! 

Jeff: Oh! Mike gets up!  Will wins Immunity!

Jeff: Congratulations, Will! Uh, you can get up and claim Immunity, now!

Will: Yeah, DUDE! I WON Immunity!  Now they can't vote me out at this next Tribal Council!
Jeff: Alright, as for the rest of you, I've got nothing for you.  Head back to camp.  Get ready for tonight's Tribal Council.

Will: Don't no one come near my Immunity.  NO ONE!
Kathy: Congrats, Will.  I knew you could do it!
Will: Thanks, Kathy.

Will: Sorry, man, but I feel like standing up.  I WON IMMUNITY!  This is great, dude.  I'm safe! I'm thinking about voting out Johnny.  I wanted fish.  He didn't even go out and get me some when he said he would.  And now that I have Immunity, he's got no power over me. HAHAHA!

March: So what are you thinking about for Tribal Council?
Johnny: I'm thinking either Kathy or Jackie. 
March: Me too.  Jackie because she is so mean to everyone. Kathy because she doesn't even like being here.
Johnny: I'm a little concerned about Will, too.  He is very athletic.  We can't vote him out because of it.
March: Yes.  He is good in challenges -- anything physical.  But he is a bit cuckoo in the brain.
Johnny: I'm leaning toward Kathy.  She needs to go.  She doesn't even like being here.  She doesn't deserve it.
March: Yes.  I'm still thinking, though.  Either way, it'll be one of them.

Jackie (thinking): CINDY.  Stop playing with fire. You totally have my vote -- wait!  Kathy would be a good vote, too... Hmm...

Mike (thinking): There is a chance Cindy or I could be voted off tonight.  At least I haven't done anything worthy of staying yet.  I hope people overlook that.  For now, most of the attention is on Jackie, Kathy and Will.  Now we have to go because Tribal Council will be starting soon.  I still haven't made up my mind.

     The survivors knew that behind the gate waited their fates.  Although perhaps silly, the sims couldn't help feeling a bit creeped out by the Tribal Council area.

     Soon, all of the sims were walking down the path and up the steps to the Council.

     Once they were all sitting, Jeff was waiting for them with a few questions of his own.

Jeff:  So, Jackie, are you making new alliances?
Jackie: Why do you want to know?
Jeff: No need to get upset.  I'm just checking up on how things are going.
Jackie: Some.
Jeff: How do you feel about your tribe members?
Jackie: Most of them are a bunch of dummies, but very few I admire.  Like, make that one. 
Jeff: Care to share who?
Jackie: Nope.
Jeff: So, Johnny.  How do you feel about the events in camp?
Johnny: I think there has been a lot of tension between some of us.
Jeff:  Do you have concerns about it?
Johnny: Well, for one, I don't think it helps the tribe.  We just get in fights about things.
Jeff:  From what I've heard, it seems like things are heating up.  How about you, March?  Do you feel safe tonight?
March: Yes, I actually feel very secure.  I have a feeling I'm not going to be voted out tonight.

Jeff: So, Mike, what do you have to say about this Tribal Council?
Mike: I'm pretty sure I'll be safe tonight, but I know some people are definately not.
Jeff: Who isn't?
Mike: There's been a lot of tension with Kathy, I know.
Kathy: Hey!
Jeff: Do you disagree, Kathy?
Kathy: I just think he's being rude.
Jeff: How did your outfit suit you these first couple of days?
Kathy:  Let me say that I would have worn something else if I would have known it weren't taking place in a hotel!  You owe me 1,000 simoleans to replace this outfit!
Jeff: Sorry, Kathy.  I actually don't owe that to you.  Cindy, anything troubling you?
Cindy: I don't like being told what to do, that's all I'm saying.
Jeff: Will, how do you feel tonight?
Will: AWESOME, DUDE! I'm safe because I have the Immunity Idol! YEAH!
Jeff:  This has been interesting.  Let's get to voting. 

Jeff: Jackie, you're up first!

Jackie: This is for all of the trouble you've caused me!

Johnny:  Sorry for voting you off, but I have a feeling it will benefit the tribe.

March:  Thanks for the memories!  Bye!

Mike: I hope this is the right choice...

Kathy: You totally deserve this, you know!


Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.